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Made By Us

Every bed that is purchased from Realwoods has been attentively constructed by our own UK based dedicated craftsmen who have decades of experience in solid wood furniture manufacturing and supply. Our pine beds have become a much loved collection since their initial debut over fifteen years ago. We firmly believe the longevity of our current range is due to multiple factors that we have never and will never compromise on.

When we use the phrase ‘Solid Pine’ to describe the beds we supply, we really mean it! Everything we sell passes our Shake & Shift test and even the slats are much thicker and stronger (our slats 25mm) than what the industry would typically provide (8-16mm).  Our beds are built to last, regardless of body shapes and sizes. Whether you decide to purchase from our Budget range or Premier collection, the same strength and quality will be present for your comfort and ease of mind.

Hiden Fittings


No More Boltheads!

An option our customers were requesting was for the boltheads to be hidden from view once their bed had been assembled. This is a feature we brought across our entire range several years ago and is now something we include as standard for every bed we sell.

Of course, our beds are just as strong and sturdy as ever and we firmly believe the Hidden Fittings design has become another great feature of the Realwoods pine bed collection.


Step by Step…

When you purchase a new bed from us, you now have the option at checkout of purchasing our full assembly service. This means when we deliver your bed, our driver will bring every part of it into the bedroom and assemble it fully for you. Please see our Ordering & Delivery for more info on this service.

Of course, you may decide to assemble your new bed yourself and the only tool you will require that isn’t supplied is a Crosshead (Phillips) screwdriver (we would recommend a good quality battery powered tool). Our bed kits comes with the necessary spanner and fittings.

In each of the four bed posts, insert one of the supplied dowels into both the top and bottom pre-drilled holes and screw one of the long metal bolts into each of the middle holes (see image 1). You can then line up the three holes on each end of the two long sidebeams (see image 2) and use the supplied half-moon washers and nuts to safely connect everything together (see image 3). Once the main frame is assembled, spread the slats out evenly and screw them down tightly on each side.

– Four Poster Bed Assembly –

Assembling one of our four poster beds is done in basically the same way but with a few extra steps.

1. Assemble the bottom half of the frame using the same instructions as given above.

2. Assembling the top half, ie. , the ‘four poster’ half works in a very similar way. You are just repeating the process!

3. In two sides of each of the posts you will find three drilled holes. Connect the sidebeams using the same fittings and guidance as illustrated above.

4. The two taller posts should be connected together by one of the smaller side beams.

5. The two shorter posts should be connected together by the other smaller side beam.

6. The four posts can then be connected together using the two longer sidebeams.

7. We recommend two people lift this top part of the frame onto the bottom half and make sure each post is secured into the wooden dowels.

If you require any assistance in understanding the assembly process then please don’t hestitate to contact us, our team will always be happy to help.